Sugar, Baby

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ISBN-13: 9781639732463
Celine Saintclare
January 9, 2024
Hardcover with dust jacket  
| 304 pages

Fiction / Women / City Life / Coming Of Age

A bold, intoxicating debut from a dazzling new voice, Sugar, Baby is an unflinching portrayal of high-paid sex work in the age of the internet.

Sugar, Baby follows Agnes, a mixed-race 21-year-old whose life seems to be heading nowhere. Still living at home, she works as a cleaner and spends all her money in clubs at the weekend searching for fulfillment and distractions from her mundane life. That is until she meets Emily, daughter of one of her cleaning clients, who lives in London and works as a model . . . and a sugar baby, dating rich older men for money.

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