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ISBN-13: 9781639730919
Simone Antangana Bekono, Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen (Translated by)
January 30, 2024
Hardcover with dust jacket  
| 192 pages

Fiction / Coming Of Age  / Literary / African American & Black / Women

A bold, unsettling, surprisingly tender debut novel for readers of Nightcrawling and fans of I May Destroy You.

Salomé Atabong is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a Cameroonian father and a Dutch mother, living in the Netherlands. She arrives at a juvenile detention center to start a six-month sentence for a violent crime, which she did commit but does not regret. Expected to visit with a racist psychologist and perform her apologies, Salomé refuses to atone. But even if Salomé could get home, it would be no refuge: her father has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer, and her elder sister Miriam’s main preoccupation is to get out of the village as soon as possible.

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